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Come Join the Fun  

This year the Wilson Family Reunion is being hosted in Georgia by Judy McCain:

The Wilson Family Reunion is an annual event, and this year, 2012, we plan to have a wonderful time in

Atlanta Georgia
from August 3rd - 5th


Get Added to the Picture Album

Please send a picture of yourself, along with your name, and a little introductory info.

send pictures to:  WilsonReunion2010@gmail.com


Congratulation to our
2012 Graduates

    Ms. Carlotta Crawford-Ojo
       Bachelor of Social Work
       awards: Outstanding Student

    Ms. Mashanna Clark
       High School Diploma

    Ms. Mahagany Brown
       Pre-school graduate

to add your name to this list, send email to WilsonReunion2010@gmail.com


Wilson Reunion Website
Bookmark this page and check back often so that you can stay up-to-date on reunion information.


Email Address
Send your comments and other information to:  WilsonReunion2010@gmail.com





There are always reasons and blessings for getting together.  Don't miss out on yours.

  - meet some new family members

  - catch up with folks you've not spoken with

  - share in laughter and reduce your stress

  - do some networking, make a connection

  - see how the kids have grown

  - experience the culture of Mississippi

  - see who has retired

  - see who has graduated

  - let someone else do the cooking

  - rejuvenate your mind and soul

  - get away and relax for a few days

  - talk to folks who are experts in their profession

  - hear about others experiences

  - find out more fun stuff to do in retirement

  - see how others are making ends meet

  - let your kids showcase their talents

  - see how to stay healthy and live longer

These are just some of the things that you can experience at the Wilson Family Reunion. 

We ask that you come with the intent to have a fun, loving and relaxing time.  As you meet and talk with different folks, you'll be surprised as to how much enjoyment you will have.

Treasuring the Generations to Come

We have selected this phrase to be our ongoing theme as life is always worth celebrating.

We continue in the celebration of living a fulfilling life, as well as in laying a solid and broader foundation for those who have yet to travel your path.

Living a fulfilling life means you're in control of taking care of yourself -both physical and mental.  This is a requirement before you can truly take care of others.

Laying a solid and broader foundation gives your family the resources to compete today, as well as the know-how to set the pace and trends of tomorrow.


2011 Batesville, MS

2010 Bloomington, MN

2009 Memphis, TN

Phyllis Johnson &
Joyce Smith


2008 Marion, IN

Thelma McNeil







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